18 Sport H2O
18 Ski & Fish H2O
19 Sport H2O
19 Ski & Fish H2O
21 Sport H2O
21 Ski & Fish H2O
196 SSi WT
206 SSi WT
216 SSi WT
225 SSi WT
226 SSi WT
246 SSi WT
257 SSX
277 SSX
285 SSX
287 SSX
327 SSX
224 Sunesta WT
244 Sunesta WT
264 Sunesta WT
284 Sunesta WT
204 Xtreme
224 Xtreme
244 Xtreme
264 Xtreme
270 Signature Cruiser
290 Signature Cruiser
310 Signature Cruiser
330 Signature Cruiser
350 Signature Cruiser
370 Signature Cruiser
420 Premiere
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Chaparral Boats

Think about it: your boat builder partnership is key.

Let's face it; the rules for selling boats have changed. Dramatically. In years gone by styling, performance, features and price got the job done. The name on the hull side is important, but now more than ever, the company behind the name is what it’s all about. Chaparral has become a powerhouse in the marine industry because of our dealer network, profit-minded business practices and solid management. Cutting edge technology and a steady stream of award-winning new boats drive us to the front. Value-oriented pricing sells. Aggressive marketing gets the word out. At a time when the headlines are filled with companies sinking or needing bailouts to stay afloat, Chaparral's strong balance sheet provides a solid foundation to build on. Simply stated, you can't find a better boat building partner because that’s all we do – build award-winning boats.

Our numbers tell a convincing story that words can't describe. Chaparral has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry. Spanning more than four decades, we have cashed in 160 profitable quarters. At a time when most boat companies are forced to slash budgets, Chaparral continues to invest in new product development and bolster our already high customer service scores. Chaparral's financial strength makes it all possible and strategically positions us for the future.

At Chaparral, we've always said, "The boats are the stars." That still holds true today, but it's equally important that boat buyers and dealers alike want to know the strength of the company and the people behind the name.


Feature: History Of Accomplishment And Consistency

Benefit: Boaters Know The Name And What It Stands For

History of Chaparral

Want to know where a company is headed? Look where they've been. History speaks volumes. The Chaparral story dates back to 1965 when Buck Pegg founded a boat company named Fiberglass Fabricators and launched a 15-foot tri hull that sold for a whopping $675. In 1976 a move to Nashville, Georgia and a name change to Chaparral put the company in high gear. As the square footage expanded and the centerlines inched up, so did the market share. Today, Chaparral has more than a quarter million satisfied customers worldwide. Our well established network testifies to the company's ability to compete in waterways around the globe. Chaparral's dealer network is our link to the world and we treat each location as a key part of our success. Chaparral has dealers spanning the entire U.S. boating market and is considered the brand of choice in many major markets. Internationally, our reach stretches to places like Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Egypt, Denmark, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Singapore, Chile, Russia and Sweden to name a few. Yes, the boats are produced in Nashville, Georgia but our real home is around the world and in the hands of boaters that know the pride of owning a Chaparral.


FEATURE: Cash On Hand

BENEFIT: Financial Strength Moves Us Forward

Cash On Hand

Boats are important. People are important. Reputation is important. Equally important, particularly in today's economy, is a company's financial strength. With a net worth of $110 million and $51 million in cash on hand, few can match Chaparral's confidence-building balance sheet. From day one, all of our growth has been selfsustaining. Free from a cash draining debt service, we're able to offer consumers better value, maximize profits and invest in the expansion of our dealer network. Chaparral is one of a select few that can offer financial backing every step of the way. We've got the financial horsepower to support you in lean times, to help spark sales, invest in new product development, help secure floor plan financing, retain key employees and target sales-oriented marketing campaigns. Warranty claims and co-op advertising are paid on time.


FEATURE: Same Top Management Since Day One

BENEFIT: Trust Us To Make Solid Long Term Decisions

Jim Lane and Buck Pegg
Jim Lane, President and Buck Pegg, Founder

Two heads are better than one. Buck Pegg and Jim Lane form boating's most successful partnership. The duo joined forces in 1977 and are the driving force that propels Chaparral. From day one they vowed to never implement a management decision that both didn't agree on. While decisions are made in concert, responsibilities never overlap. Pegg runs Manufacturing and Engineering. Lane handles Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Customer Service, Finance and Accounting. Neither operates in a corporate ivory tower, but is hands on every step of the way. Dealers, vendors and employees all enjoy an honest, open relationship where integrity is standard.

"Over the past fifty years Crowe Marine has represented numerous boat manufacturers. However, in today's ever changing market there is no other boat manufacturer that can measure up to the integrity of the Chaparral product and the Chaparral people. In good times and bad times, the success of today depends upon the "relationship" between the manufacturer. It's all about integrity and relationships. Chaparral delivers both."
      -- Bill Crowe, Crowe Marine – Eatonton, Georgia